3 Big Industries That Use Custom Metal Fabrication Extensively

Custom metal fabrication basically involves manufacturing a product using sheet metal, bars, pipes, or any other related material with complete attention to detail to create unique and unconventional shapes and designs. Many businesses and brands use it to create new products with unique parts that can’t undergo mass production. In addition, companies focused on environment-friendly solutions also create prototypes with the help of custom metal fabricators for subsequent testing and evaluation. With a plethora of benefits, here are 3 industries that extensively opt for this technology.

3 industrial sectors using custom metal fabrication.


The roles of custom metal fabricators in manufacturing cars vary from core car designing and welding to creating various vehicle components. For example, custom metal fabricators may add or replace panels, fit and weld pieces of a car body together, and make sure the final product is accurate, high-quality and is meeting the customization standards of the client.


In addition, custom metal fabricators can reverse-engineer discontinued vehicle components, such as a chassis, and use the design to produce after-market replacements or new products. 



Custom metal fabrication is essential for aerospace manufacturing because it creates non-standard parts for prototype vehicles. In addition, it can create very close tolerance finishes on various components to improve performance and testing. Moreover, just like the automotive sector, custom metal fabricators can also create discontinued or off-market parts in this industry through reverse engineering, testing, and prototyping.


Transportation Infrastructure

Custom metal fabrication is also crucial in designing roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures. For example, structural engineers need to develop plans for bridges and identify appropriate materials, systems, methods of construction, and beyond. Since there is no margin for error due to the thousands of commuters who might use this facility every day, the onus falls on custom fabricators to adhere to this standard. The fabricators achieve this by making scale models that use actual materials to test their calculations and ensure a zero probability of failure.


Thus, this is how custom metal fabrication contributes to these 3 sectors.


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