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Laser Cutting

Our Mitsubishi laser cutting machine makes us one of the most competitive metalworking companies in the city. While we do use traditional milling and cutting equipment, our laser unit allows us to provide more precise laser cutting services in Toronto’s fast-paced industrial environment.

Over the years, our reputation for accurate laser cutting in Toronto allowed us to take on multiple complex projects. This in turn improved our personnel’s skills and made us even more competitive. We use the laser cutter to cut precise complex shapes in metal sheets while working on our projects.

We aren’t just making hollow boasts about our laser cutting services. Toronto has given us a range of clients, all of whom can attest to the speed, quality, reliability, and precision of our cutting capabilities. In fact, the Mitsubishi laser cutting machine in our Toronto facility can make precise cuts on sheets as thin as 0.001” or as thick as 1”.

How it Works

The Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter works by pumping a current through a gas mix. This causes the gas to vibrate and heat up, creating an intense beam of light. The machine uses a complex system of optics to focus the beam onto a very small area.

We use CNC to fully automate the cutting process, programming all the project specifications into the machine and letting it do the cutting. This eliminates the risk of human error, greatly improves the accuracy of the cut, and provides many other benefits too.

One of the biggest is that laser cutting leaves no room for error because there is no cutting edge. Traditional machines use a sharp edge to dig out material and make the cut. Our laser cutter melts the material away so that every cut has a high quality finish and a smooth, clean edge.

Our Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

Our laser cutting machine is our Toronto facility’s pride and joy. It allows us to work with a range of materials including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Mild steel
  • Galvanized materials (ex: copper)

Since we use CNC technology and one of the most efficient laser cutting machines on the market, we also have a great turnaround time.

Our trained team of professionals have over 20 years of experience in laser cutting in Toronto and the industry in general.

If you’re ready to see your products cut and formed with the highest level of precision, contact us today!