3 Common Custom Metal Fabrication Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality parts, few procedures are as effective as custom metal fabrication. Since the fabricators pay special attention to your project, the quality and detailing is often exceptional. However, it is still possible for a few production errors to come up during the process, especially when working with a business that doesn’t emphasize quality control. Here are 3 such common production errors that might occur during custom metal fabrication. 

3 mistakes to look out for during custom metal fabrication.

Improper Finishing

One major mistake many fabricators make is focusing only on the main process and neglecting the finishing. The end result is an abundance of scratches on the surface of the material, which can lead to the accumulation of contaminants over time and can even result in corrosion if not handled early on. Hence, businesses should emphasize using proper finishing practices such as using abrasive instruments to clean the surface or using chemical solutions to protect it from the elements.

Improper Welding 

When it comes to assembling various parts during custom metal fabrication, one of the most commonly used methods is welding. While it is highly effective, it also has a few downsides to it. One big problem that can occur while welding is called distortion, wherein excess heat produced during the process causes the surface to expand rapidly, creating ripple-like distortions on the surface. The best solution is to use the lowest operating temperature and work with metals or parts that have a lesser tendency to expand under heat.

Improper Storage

Sometimes, once the process is complete, it might be required to store it away before presenting it to the client. But if it is not handled and stored properly, it can lose its surface finish over time, thereby leading to a subpar end product. Hence, fabricators should really emphasize proper storage practices to preserve the quality of the finished product. 

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