3 Common Myths About Lasers

It has been an accepted truth that laser cutting is one of the most efficient processes for cutting various materials for manufacturing. Laser cutters can work with metals, wood, plastics, composites, and so on. However, despite their capability to produce accurate and precise cuts, there are still some misconceptions lingering about what lasers are and how they function. As providers of laser cutting in Toronto, we at Metal-Tronics have the experience and knowledge to debunk these myths and deliver a more factual outlook on laser cutting.


Here are three common myths about lasers that you should be aware of:



1. Lasers Need High Wattage to Perform at a Competitive Cutting Speed

This misconception arose partly due to the fact that there are many new lasers that are being produced with higher wattages. While this is indeed true, it is not because higher wattages make lasers perform faster. Laser cutting is already extremely fast in comparison to other cutting methods. New lasers have higher wattages to enable them to cut through thicker materials. This is not so much an improvement of lasers that make older lasers obsolete – it is an innovation that gives industries more options. Different lasers are better suited to cutting different materials, and lasers with lower wattages will still be needed to cut thinner materials.

It is good to know that the efficiency of the cut is more reliant on power density than on the wattage of a laser machine. Power density determines the amount of the wattage that can be focused into a spot. Oftentimes, lasers with lower wattages actually have higher beam quality, which means they can be focused into a much smaller spot. The laser cutting in Toronto that we provide utilizes the most advanced laser cutting machines to ensure that every possible need can be met with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Lasers Are Difficult to Handle

Lasers are undeniably sophisticated and advanced, but that does not mean they are overly complex or hard to operate. In fact, the opposite is true. Recent innovations have made laser cutting machines much easier to work with. They can be programmed through easy to understand software, and the operator can even make changes to the cutting patterns or the power of the laser. In fact, many laser cutting machines today are capable of self-adjusting, making them even easier to handle – laser cutting in Toronto has never been simpler!

3. Lasers Are Dangerous

This myth about laser cutting has been around for some time. It is founded on the misconception that fires can easily break out from the laser beams. However, in reality, laser cutters are safely programmed to prevent mishaps in general. They are also safer to operate compared to other comparable machinery systems, which utilize dangerous tools. So little heat is being produced during the process that fires are pretty much unlikely to occur. That being said, laser cutting machines are still industrial machines that must only be worked on by skilled operators. At Metal-Tronics, our 30 years of experience in the metal fabrication world helps us provide laser cutting in Toronto that is safe and of the highest quality.

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