3 Common Types of Laser Cutting Machine Configurations

For ensured precision and quality cuts, look no further than Metal-Tronics for superior laser cutting services in Toronto. Our quality standard is due to the capacity of laser cutting machines to cut through an array of materials seamlessly. Laser cutting machines can be set to specific configurations for optimal performance that yield the desired result. Configuration types are defined by where the laser cutting head and work piece are fixed or moving in the cutting process.


Today we’ll compare and contrast three common machine configurations for performing laser cutting services in Toronto.


Moving Material Laser Cutting


  • Moving material laser cutting machine configurations are defined by where each machine component is fixed
  • In this configuration, the laser beam is stationary and the cutting bed moves in correspondence with the work piece to perform cuts
  • The work piece moves mechanically around the fixed beam to ensure precise cuts
  • This configuration is suitable for applications that require fewer optical components, but provide uniformity in standoff distance


Flying Optics Laser Cutting


  • The flying optics machine configuration is the exact opposite of the moving material laser configuration
  • In contrast to the moving material’s steady beam, a flying optics laser cuts through a stationary work piece
  • This configuration allows for increased flexibility and efficiency when cutting materials, which is optimal for applications that require results with various thicknesses and sizing on shorter timelines


Hybrid Laser Cutting


  • As its name may suggest, hybrid laser machine configurations utilize capabilities offered by the moving material and flying optics laser configurations
  • In hybrid laser configurations, the material cutting bed moves on an X-axis while the laser cutting head moves along the Y-axis in order to perform cuts
  • Metal fabrication shops that offer laser cutting services in Toronto employ hybrid laser cutting machine systems for applications that require capacity maximization, consistency in beam delivery, and better overall energy efficiency


What laser cutting machine configuration is best suited for my application?


The suitability of the above-mentioned configurations will depend on material properties and result specifications. No one project is definitive of all preceding projects based on machine configuration. If you’re wondering where to start, it’s worth consulting professional advice from a reputable machine shop that is experienced in performing laser cutting services.