3 Interesting Facts About Metal Fabrication

While you might have known a lot about metals, you might not have known that much about the entire metal fabrication industry. If you don’t know much about it, then there are some important things you should know to appreciate it more. From sheet metal bending to laser cutting and welding, substantial developments have been made within the custom metal fabrication in Toronto.

The improvements have been great and in order to make you better understand the industry, here are some of the interesting facts to know about it. 

Steel for buildings and structures

One of the most frequently used types of metal to frame various buildings and structures is steel. It offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio amongst the different construction materials. Not only is steel lightweight but it is also very strong; it’s about over a thousand times stronger than iron. This makes it the third biggest industry after oil and gas globally. One more great property of steel is its recyclability. In fact, almost 80 million tons of used steel is being recycled every year. Add to this the fact that recycled steel does not lose its strength, this has become one of the main reasons to why custom metal fabrication in Toronto has highly benefitted from this property.

Continuous growth in the industry

You might be surprised to know that the average age of a welder in Canada is 59 years old, and metal fabrication is growing continuously. What this means is that the industry will grow even more as new, younger workers are coming in while the old ones are retiring. In fact, both welding and custom metal fabrication in Toronto is perceived to be green-collar jobs due to the high recyclability of steel. 

The great amount of labour involved

Owning a car means convenience, but are you aware of the amount of time it takes to completely manufacture it? Imagine the hundreds of hours of work on tasks such as welding, forming, bending, and assembly just to make sure it works as expected. The same goes for many other cars driven every day to make transportation easier for people.  

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