3 Laser Cutting Safety Tips For New Operators

When it comes to the state of the art technology in the field of metal fabrication, few can replicate or compete with laser cutting technology. With new and improved iterations hitting the market on a regular basis, this technology has become very popular among small workshops as well as large corporations. However, any new owner of a laser cutting machine or an amateur operator may not be aware of some safety procedures when it comes to using this cutting-edge machine. While laser cutters are relatively safe, there are a few errors that can prove to be highly hazardous. 


To avoid such mishaps, here are 3 laser cutting safety tips for new machinists.


Never Leave It Unattended

For projects spanning larger or thicker materials, many laser cutting machines can take hours. Hence, the first instinct of a new machinist is to leave it unattended while it completes the task. However, if the power of the laser is high enough, then it can end up completely cutting the material and penetrating the laser bed, ultimately frying the electronics and starting a major fire. Thus, the first piece of advice is to never leave the machine unattended during operation. 


Know Your Materials

Laser cutting machines can generally cut a plethora of materials such as wood, metal, cardboard, glass, fabric and even paper. While the fumes from these materials are non-toxic, the same can’t be said for all materials. Plastics, especially PVCs should never be processed using a laser cutter as their fumes can be fatal even when ingested in small doses. Therefore, it is best to have comprehensive knowledge about the properties of the workpiece. 


Maintain Workshop Hygiene

When cutting wood using lasers, it can release a large number of sawdust particles, which can ignite during the cutting process, making them a major fire hazard. So it is best to maintain a clean and tidy shopfloor, which includes regularly removing scrap from the dustbin as they can also pose a fire risk. 

Thus, by following these 3 simple but practical safety tips, you can get the most out of your laser cutting machine without compromising on safety. 

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