3 Misconceptions About Custom Metal Fabrication

For creating prototypes and materials with unique designs, there is nothing better than custom metal fabrication. It offers extreme customization and autonomy to the client, ensuring that the result exactly matches the design specifications. However, for all its merits, there are also a few myths and misconceptions surrounding the process that’s tarnishing its reputation in industrial circles.



To counteract this, it’s time to dispel these 3 misconceptions around custom metal fabrication.



Concrete Design Doesn’t Require Engineering Expertise

Custom metal fabrication involves multiple processes before the actual fabrication process can take place. While the design is one of the most important aspects of the process, it is by no means the only necessary step. Once the design specifications have been locked, you should opt for visualization and digital prototyping to ensure that your design works in actuality too. To do this effectively, you will have to collaborate with fabricators in the design stage itself, for they can provide valuable expertise that might simplify or optimize the entire process.


Galvanization Is Expensive

Many clients are discouraged from galvanization due to the misconception that the process is too expensive. However, nothing can be further from the truth. With the advancement in hot-dip galvanizing, the process has become very affordable, and the complete and durable coating it offers will mean that the metal will require little to low maintenance. Hence, galvanization is an excellent future investment and goes hand in hand with metal fabrication. 


Cost Cutting Will Have No Impact

It is understandable that most businesses are looking to be more economical, and this sentiment might translate to custom metal fabrication as well. Consequently, clients might choose a fabricator who quotes a low price, expecting a high return on investment. However, there is a caveat to the low price. Many fabricators might not offer complete services from conceptualization to assembly, leading to increased hidden costs as the project gets underway. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for some fabricators to resort to malpractices like poor quality control to complete the project at a low price. Ultimately, this can adversely affect the reputation of your business and you might end up with a prototype that is less than satisfactory. 


Thus, if you are looking to hire a fabricator for a project, then be sure to steer clear of these mistakes and misconceptions. 


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