4 Best Methods To Provide Finishing Touches In Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabricators have the best precision tools and experienced professionals to execute your vision with utmost accuracy. Other than cutting and bending the product, polishing and adding finishing touches to the end product is equally important. Providing excellent finishing also adds more detail and elegance for aesthetic purposes. All these factors are vital when prototypes are being manufactured. 


If you want to use custom metal fabrication services, it’s crucial to know about these 4 finishing methods. 


Weld Joint Improvements/Remedies

Welding is a tedious process that produces burrs all over the welded materials and the joints themselves. To alter this, fabricators perform welding remediation to remove these issues completely before the client demonstration process. The best custom metal fabrication services, such as those offered by Metal-Tronics, will even re-drill areas to address erroneous holes and piercings. Consequently, fabricators may throw away excess or unnecessary components from the manufactured parts during the process, which end up in recycling.

Laser Cutting

Both 2D and 3D laser cutting see extensive use during the fabrication piece's finishing process. These speed up the deburring and excess piece removal at an exponential rate. Therefore, lasers perform much better than traditional machining processes and create cleaner outputs than drilling and milling.

Waterjet Cutting

Similar to laser cutting, waterjet cutting produces great results that are aesthetically pleasing. Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure water stream with diamond cutters that blast the material's surface, creating a clean and smooth finish that's vastly different from milling, or machining finishes.

Coat and Polish

Smooth but bare product surfaces are at a higher risk of corrosion despite material resistance. Plus, some small burred edges that machines and equipment cannot remove can cause bodily harm. To remedy this, coating and polishing procedures are used which cover rough areas and provide an excellent finish. 

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