4 Tips To Reduce The Cost of Custom Metal Fabrication

When it comes to prototyping or creating parts with unique dimensions and designs, custom metal fabrication is considered the best process to carry out the task. Incredible accuracy, impeccable quality and extreme customization are undeniable benefits of this fabrication process. However, it is also quite expensive when compared to traditional fabrication practices due to the reasons stated above. Hence, if you are looking to drive down the cost of custom metal fabrication, then these 4 tips might come in handy. 


Here are 4 useful ways to reduce the cost of custom metal fabrication.


Consider Outsourcing

Irrespective of your status as a small or well-established machine shop, custom metal fabrication requires a high degree of expertise and a plethora of special equipment that many businesses might not have. Investing in such equipment might be extremely counterproductive from an economic standpoint. Conversely, outsourcing the process can save you valuable time and money, especially if it's a prototype or a small batch. 

Choose Your Material Wisely

While material selection might seem like a straightforward process, choosing the right one will save quite a bit of capital for your company. For example, instead of selecting carbon steel, it might actually be wiser to try out stainless steel or aluminum, for carbon steel might require plating and further finishing, ultimately driving up the production cost.

Double-Check Your Tolerances

Most businesses will go for highly accurate equipment with very tight tolerances when it comes to custom metal fabrication. However, it is important to understand that this accuracy is one of the leading factors in increasing the overall price. While it's important to adhere to quality standards, there might be certain places or areas where tight tolerances might be unnecessary. Hence, it’s best to double-check your design to make sure that all your close tolerance requirements are absolutely necessary.

Replace Welding With Bending

Another great tip to reduce production costs is to try out bending or fastening instead of welding. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate welding, using bends wherever possible can drive down the final cost by a significant margin. It’s best to contact your fabricator to get a clearer picture about implementing this process.

Thus, by using these 4 tips, custom metal fabrication can become a much more profitable venture for your business.

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