4 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the best and most accurate methods of fabrication, for it guarantees close tolerance finishes and a small turnaround time. However, depending on the operation and the type of machine, it can be quite expensive for a manufacturer. If you find yourself in such a scenario, then it’s wise to know some tips which can drive down your laser cutting costs. 


Here are 4 handy ways of reducing the cost of laser cutting



Instead of purchasing or renting a laser cutting machine, it’s far cheaper to outsource the fabrication process. Plenty of quality laser cutting services, such as Metal Tronics, can help you get the desired outcome and meet all your design specifications to the letter. This tip is of course more beneficial if you have a sporadic laser cutting requirement. 


Invest In Prototyping

Even getting a sample machining done can end up costing you more with each successive iteration. Conversely, you can create a prototype of your design and lock it beforehand, ensuring limited back and forth between you and the fabricator. Prototyping can be done digitally or also on paper, and once the design and its dimensions have been locked, you can proceed to get it outsourced and expect accurate results on your first try. 


Determine Material Type And Thickness

While laser cutting is conducive to processing many different kinds of metal, the turnaround time and accuracy can be affected by this choice. Moreover, the thickness of the material becomes even more important, as thicker workpieces might require more powerful lasers, which in turn will drive up the costs. 


Avoid Or Limit Laser Head Lifts

In order to avoid damages or collisions, the laser head has to be lifted sometimes. However, this process costs a lot of valuable time. Hence, it’s best to outright avoid it or at least limit it as much as possible. Instead of lifting the laser head, some minor tweaks such as spinning the laser head can improve productivity in the long run, thereby reducing expenses. 

With these 4 methods, you are likely to lower the cost of production. 

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