4 Trends That Will Influence Custom Metal Fabrication In The Future

With the massive surge of technology in almost all aspects of life, the metal fabrication industry is no exception. While custom metal fabrication processes have been undergoing constant innovation, the landscape is expected to change even more rapidly in the near future. There are 4 trends pertaining to this industry that can shed a light on what to expect in the coming decade. 


Here are 4 influential custom metal fabrication trends you can witness in the near future:



Although not a breakthrough technology by any means, the rampant automation of machines in the metal fabrication industry is still catching on. For any manufacturer that wants to stay in business in the coming decade, it is vital to invest in CNC machines and other similar automated processes for it significantly reduces downtime without compromising on accuracy.

Collaborative Robotics

A technology that is already prevalent in massive warehouses and inventory hubs, collaborative robotics might also spill over to the custom metal fabrication industry. Essentially, repetitive tasks that could be potentially hazardous to do manually can be switched with these ‘Co-Bots’. It is already heavily utilized in packaging and palletizing in many industries and the shortage of manual labour in the metal fabrication market will likely promote this technology here.

Additive Fabrication & Manufacturing

Additive fabrication & manufacturing, also known as 3D printing is truly the technology of the future, and as such, is yet to take off on a commercial scale. However, for custom metal fabricators, additive fabrication is a blessing in disguise as it offers incredible flexibility and customization, ideal for creating products in low volume. As this technology will get cheaper in the coming years, the efficiency of additive fabrication will improve significantly, blowing other processes out of the water.

Enterprise Resource Planning

For any manufacturing business that is not too small and localized, it is extremely important to manage logistical and other management-related data in one place to maximize productivity. With the help of a plethora of enterprise resource planning software and systems, collecting and managing all this data has become largely simplified. Furthermore, it can all be easily accessed via the cloud or an on-site server. 

Thus, if you are looking to scale up your metal fabrication business, then it is prudent to keep a close eye on these industry trends. 

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