4 Types of Material Cutting and Removal Methods

As projects continue to demand more complex and intricate designs, industries are looking for more versatile ways of satisfying customer needs. As providers of laser cutting in Toronto, we at Metal-Tronics are well-versed with the various methods out there that yield different kinds of results, and how these styles can be combined to produce more refined and complex products.


Laser cutting has recently become the top choice for material cutting and removal, providing accurate and high-quality results at a reduced cost.


This technology employs various types of cutting and removal mechanisms which include the following:

Inert Gas Cutting 
This method is also known as fusion cutting. The process involves a beam of light melting a spot on the workpiece. The melted material is then removed by a jet of gas. The specific type of gas and its pressure are determined based on the type of the material to be cut.

Flame Oxygen Cutting 
This method is also called oxidation cutting and is ideal to be used on carbon steel. As its name implies, the gas used in oxidation cutting is oxygen, which actively reacts with the material being cut. Oxidation laser cutting produces an oxidized melted edge in the workpiece which will then be removed by a gas jet. 

Chemical Degradation 
This cutting mechanism works best for cutting thermoset polymers and organic materials. These kinds of materials do not melt easily when heat is applied to them, and as such a different method has to be employed. Typically, the laser burns the material and produces smoke and carbon instead of material removal. Chemical degradation is usually used with CO2 laser cutters.

Scribing is usually done on silicon chips and ceramics items. It is used to create partial or full perforations or grooves on the material, allowing for breaking on the weakened lines.

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