5 Benefits Of Using Laser Cutting For Custom Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting technology has taken custom metal fabrication processes to the next level. This cutting-edge technology can achieve outstanding project results in the shortest amount of time thanks to its extreme, heat-based mechanism that can cut through almost any material, irrespective of thickness. Due to this amazing capability, it finds extensive use in metal fabrication. 


To elaborate further, here’s how laser cutting has transformed custom metal fabrication.


Clean Cuts

Traditional cutting methods often leave burrs and burn marks due to high heat generation during the process. Laser cutting, on the other hand, doesn’t leave any marking thanks to its precise heat application. Thus, the lack of a physical cutting tool has helped manufacturers to create the cleanest cuts that require virtually zero deburring.

Zero Energy Wastage

Precision laser cutters, such as Metal-Tronics, use concentrated electricity that provides a stable and continuous heat level. Thus, using the right laser intensity in accordance with the material being cut ensures zero energy wastage.

Reduced Scrap Production

Scrap is a common but necessary evil in most custom metal fabrication projects. Manufacturers end up with more scrap due to poor raw material estimates and ultimately end up with excess scrap after a prototyping project. Laser cutting beds can reduce this wastage as they can accurately determine the maximum material dimensions to help provide accurate raw material estimates.

Reduction In Human Error

Laser cutting services guarantee lower human intervention in customization projects, as they are operated by CNC technology. Virtually every laser cutting machine in the past century has extensively used computers. Thus, this technology guarantees accuracy for custom metal fabricators.

High Return On Investment

Fabricators have seen a great return on investment with laser cutting as it improves accuracy, efficiency and reduces down-time, benefiting businesses in the long run. On the other hand, clients have seen huge returns with optimal prototypes and specialized products, further cementing their trust in custom fabrication and laser cutting services.

Due to these reasons, laser cutting continues to be an indispensable part of metal fabrication. 

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