5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Laser Cutting Machine

Since its invention, laser cutting technology has been constantly upgrading, leading to faster, more efficient and powerful machines. A high-quality laser cutting device can process almost any kind of material and achieve the most complex cuts and designs with extremely close tolerance finishes. While most manufacturers like to opt for laser cutting services, you might perhaps want to purchase the machine for your business. If you are considering this move, then it’s vital to keep certain factors in mind. 


Here are 5 things to consider before buying a laser cutting machine.


Type of Material

The most fundamental thing to consider is the type of material or materials you will be cutting with this machine. Wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, and even cardboard can be effectively processed with this technology. However, some of these materials will require a much more powerful machine than the others. 

Dimensions Of The Workpiece

Another factor to consider is the dimension of the raw material. Since any workpiece will be processed on a laser bed, it is important to know its size, as the bed of the laser cutting machine needs to be larger than the raw material. Moreover, it’s also vital to have knowledge about the shape of the material, as it could be in the form of a sheet or a tube. Tubular workpieces will also require an additional rotary tool so make sure that your machine is able to accommodate it.

Type Of Operation

A laser cutter, such as the powerful Mitsubishi laser cutting machine used by Metal-Tronics, is versatile and has multiple functions such as cutting or engraving. However, if you only need to primarily engrave a workpiece, then it can be performed with a laser of lower intensity. 

Power Output

The power output of a laser can determine a lot, such as the density of materials it can cut, the speed of operation and the overall efficiency of the process. If speed and strength are your requirements, then it’s best to opt for a laser with higher power output. 


This is one of the most important considerations as the price will ultimately decide these other factors. Some machines can be purchased for an economical price but their capabilities will be very limited. Conversely, a high-priced, state-of-the-art machine can perform all functions in a blink of an eye. Thus, you should purchase a laser cutting machine depending on the scope and scale of your business.

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