A Better Understanding of Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto and Its Processes

Metal fabrication is required in many industries, especially in manufacturing. It involves different processes and activities to produce the desired metal structures. Custom metal fabrication in Toronto employs a combination of several techniques including bending, cutting, and assembly. The main goal of the entire process is to achieve the size and appearance of the metalwork according to the customer’s needs. Each technique is used to add value to the metal piece at work.  

The Various Processes Involved in Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

Taking a closer look at each step gives you a clearer understanding of how metal pieces are fabricated. The major steps involved are:

  • Bending - Manual and powered hammers, or a specialized bending machine, are usually used to bend a metal piece to alter its shape. With the advent of new technology, modern methods such as using press brakes have been developed to air bend different metal sheets as required.

  • Cutting - Torches and laser cutting are the methods utilized more often in this process. This is considered to be the most involving part of metal fabrication that requires highly skilled workers and an expert supervisor to ensure accuracy of specifications.  

  • Assembling - All the pieces completed by previous processes are fixed together using adhesives, fasteners, riveting and welding. This final step of custom metal fabrication in Toronto used to be very labor intensive but due to technological advancement, assembly has become more efficient and quick.

Other methods used in fabricating metal structures include:

  • Shearing - the cutting of large metal pieces to smaller ones

  • Seaming - joining the pieces together or closing a portion to form another feature, and

  • Stamping - applied in cases of stretching and reshaping metal works to certain dimensions.     

  • Corrugated techniques - used to add more strength to the metal piece for its intended function.

The major processes of custom metal fabrication in Toronto go through stretching to some levels for the materials to overcome the challenges of regular or standard designs. Those activities require a collective of dedicated and skilled professionals such as blacksmiths, welders, ironworkers, and more. You might be wondering about how to access their services. Worry no more because Metal Tronics provides you all the services needed for high quality custom metal fabrication in Toronto and the greater GTA area. Our machines come with added strength and resilience, and deliver high capacity work tailored to your unique requirements with utmost excellence. We offer versatile custom metal fabrication solution that is perfectly tailored to your project.