A Guide To Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

For over three decades, our company has provided excellent service to clientele all around the Greater Toronto Area. Our experience makes us the best choice for you when it comes metal fabrication and laser cutting services in Toronto. With a facility that offers high-tech equipment to further improve production and a staff with great skills and work ethic, we are sure to satisfy your every need.


We offer laser cutting services in Toronto that are time efficient, cost effective, and incredibly precise!


What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting services in Toronto involves cutting materials such as metal or plastics using a laser. At Metal Tronics, we use a Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter. This cutter pumps a current through a gas mix that heats up the gas, creating a beam of light which is focused using optics. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) is then used to direct the laser onto the material for a precise cut. Our facility is highly capable in providing excellent laser cutting services in Toronto.


Benefits of Laser Cutting

With the control and flexibility laser cutting services in Toronto provide, there are nearly endless options when it comes to patterns and designs. Below are a few of the many benefits that laser cutting offers.


  • Precision Control – With the advent of CNC capabilities, being able to design intricate patterns and edits are made possible and the CNC will do the job in cutting it as per the exact design
  • Minimal Material Removal – Unlike traditional cutting, laser cutting provides a clean precise cut that offers greater precision and tighter tolerances. Intricate patterns are no longer an obstacle that cannot be tackled.
  • Repeatability – With the ability of the CNC machine to save programs or files, a designed cut or lay out can easily be duplicated or cut in several or multiple repetitions and identical measurements are achieved every single time.
  • Time and Efficiency – With laser cutting being able to achieve a clean and precisely straight edge on the cut, an extensive refinish or smoothing is not necessary. A finished product can be achieved as soon or as fast as the laser cutting is done.


If you need a metal work piece fabricated or cut, contact us today!