An investment in quality, laser cutting fuels industry growth

At the conclusion of 2017, experts in the laser cutting industry predicted that the global trend for the sector would be prefaced by significant growth for the next five years. And nearing the mid-point of 2018, their predictions are ringing true. And growing demand for laser cutting in Toronto and, widely, Ontario reflects this international trend.

Reports indicate that the industry is set to continue growing in 2018, reaching almost $4 billion by the end of the year. At the forefront is the adoption of new metal cutting techniques. The industry, particularly metal fabricators, continue to invest in laser cutters as they replace older technologies. Support from regulatory bodies for laser cutting by requiring laser engraved information on equipment and parts is also contributing to growth.

Laser cutting in Toronto is prefaced on the solid foundations of an industry coming to be known for its high standards, in a highly competitive global environment.

Significant growth of the fiber laser market

Fiber lasers are opted by many companies to complement their CO2 lasers for certain tasks. They require lower maintenance, easier to use, more efficient and faster in cutting thin materials. Research shows that its market is expected to grow at nearly 5% year-on-year from now until 2026. In fact, laser cutting in Toronto is shifting to this more efficient method of production for certain applications.

Industry 4.0 demands lasers   

Most metal fabricators and several industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, and aviation found lasers to be a vital element of their automation process. Combined with robots, lasers help improve productivity, increase safety, and reduce overtime. Also, laser cutting in Toronto is also used to create or repair replacement parts, reducing repairs cost and downtime.

Demand for quality and precision

All across the manufacturing sector, the major trend is the increased demand for high quality production processes. Industries require more complex parts to be cut with high precision which laser cutting in Toronto can easily achieve. Laser cuts are more accurate because they eliminate human error in the cutting process and reduce the amount of time required to cut the materials. In fact, laser cutting is seen as existing alongside additive manufacturing (3D printing) – if not competing with it.

Metal Tronics recognized early on that laser cutting is one of the most precise methods of cutting metal. The extremely high quality cuts that result are now seen by our clients as the must-have. We are proud to use the latest technology in the laser cutting industry within Toronto. This technology, coupled with our experienced and highly skilled professionals, makes us the best at laser cutting in Toronto.