Custom Metal Fabrication 101

Metal fabrication is a very broad term that refers to any process that forms, shapes, or moulds most metals into products. Rather than the end product being joined from ready-made parts, custom metal fabrication in Toronto produces an end product using raw or semi-finished materials. Currently, there are various metal fabrication manufacturing processes and these processes depend on the desired properties of the raw metal material and the final product. The metal fabrication process is applied to both custom and stock products. The majority of custom metal fabricated parts are manufactured from a wide range of frequently used metals and their corresponding alloys. 


Some of the most popular kinds of metals presently available for custom metal fabrication in Toronto include nickel, copper, different grades of steel, brass, silver, and aluminum.

Metal fabricators typically begin with stock metal parts, such as metal rods, metal bars, and sheet metal to produce a new final product. For instance, an aluminum billet can be transformed and produced into a curved tube by utilizing the extrusion process. 


If you are specifically looking for custom metal fabrication in Toronto, specialized fabricators are known as fabrication shops. Most likely, equipment manufacturers and contractors are the ones who heavily interact with metal fabrication shops on various projects. Most often metal fabricators are making bids on different metal fabrication projects by providing drawings and once chosen for the project, they start working on it. They always begin with the planning stage which involves ordering materials and having a manufacturing engineer prepare all the machines needed to do the work. 


Though some metal fab shops specialize in certain processes, most of them can utilize a couple of different fabrication processes to make the final product. Lastly, they can also offer finishing services such as coating, painting, and polishing the end product. These services are a secondary process to provide more protection to the final metal product. 

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