Custom Metal Fabrication, Fueling Development in Toronto

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto is at the center of the city’s development. The demand for this service has increased significantly as more enterprises turn to Toronto. There is a very wide variety of applications that use fabricated metal, ranging from metal accessories through to large steel construction where standard metal parts are not enough to meet a need for customization. The use of sheet metals depends on the size, shape and the kind of material needed for any given project.


Manufacturers use various materials for custom metal fabrication in Toronto including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin and nickel.  


Custom metal fabrication in Toronto needs proper manufacturing tools and machinery to perform different the processes which form the metal pieces into complex shapes and sizes. The major steps include cutting, bending, and rolling of metal. Here is how each process works:


  • Cutting - this is mostly performed by the use of shearing in separating the metal parts. Cutting includes shearing, punching, and blanking. There are also other removal processes to apply using abrasion or heat. These are called laser beam cutting, plasma cutting and waterjet cutting.


  • Bending - sheet metal bending is a common task during custom metal fabrication. It involves plastic formation of a piece to change its geometry. The shape may change but its volume can remain the same and, in other cases, there will be a slight change in thickness. Apart from creating a desired geometric pattern, bending can also add strength and stiffness of the sheet metal.  


  • Rolling - most metal products we use today have gone through rolling, which creates raw metal forms. At a rolling mills, slobs and blooms are rolled down to plates, strips, coil, bars, and rods which are the raw materials for other subsequent manufacturing processes such as steel metalworking, machining and custom metal fabrication in Toronto.



There are other processes involved in fabricating metal products. During finishing, the tasks include adhesive sawing, riveting, screwing, bolting, grinding, deburring, bonding and painting. In your search for a dependable custom metal fabrication company, it is best to look for one that offers as many features in one shop, such as Metal-Tronics Inc.

We specialize in custom metal fabrication in Toronto and all across the GTA. We strive to give our clients quality services and superior products in every instance, big or small. With our expertise in a variety of applications, we provide custom solutions that best suit any needs.    

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