Custom Metal Fabrication vs. Metal Fabrication

Although commonly used interchangeably in non-professional contexts, custom metal fabrication is different from metal fabrication. There are various distinguishing factors, whose existence yields divergent outcomes when considering fabrication solutions for various projects involving metals. Custom metal fabrication in Toronto involves specific processes to achieve pre-set design objectives such as shape, structure and texture. On the other hand, conventional metal fabrication includes a wholesome lot of solutions aimed at creating generic fabricated products.


There are various custom metal fabrication techniques available today. These include but are not limited to:


  • Cutting and shearing. High precision cutting techniques are used to inscribe marks and other cutting lines on metal surfaces. These techniques allow for the creation of advanced metal-based products, and include a set of cutting and shearing solutions. Various cutting techniques in use today include saws, oxy-fuel torches and CNC operated techniques among others.
  • Folding and bending. In bending and folding, pressure is applied on edges of metal surfaces to produce a sheering effect. The resulting components are then flattened and refined using hammers, vices and press brakes.
  • Punching and stamping. This is a specialty custom metal fabrication Toronto technique that involves the use of advanced holing techniques. Stamping on the other hand involves creating surface impressions on metal surfaces with the aim of creating distinctive outcomes. To distinguish the two terms, stamping does not involve penetration of the metal, while punching does.
  • Welding, assembly and engraving. Welding is the process of joining or fusing metals to form a union. Assembly on the other hand refers to the process of using adhesives on threaded or non-threaded surfaces to join metal surfaces. Lastly, engraving refers to the subtractive technology through which impressions are precisely created on metal surfaces.


While most custom and non-custom metal fabrication processes can be complementarily used in a given project, their outcomes are not always the same. Custom metal fabrication Toronto service providers should help you determine the right process to undertake in your project.