Four Metals that Ensure a Successful Custom Metal Fabrication Toronto Project

There are various materials that can be precisely trimmed to the shape, size and style of your choice using laser technology. Whether laser cutting is done for custom gifts or custom machine parts, each of these materials will offer you a distinctive and complete transformation of your metal. Although every metal can be easily engraved using laser cutting, not all metals yield unique products.

Below is a list of four metals selected by our experts at Metal Tronics that ensure a successful and unique custom metal fabrication Toronto project.

Steel: It is known for its sturdy and high tensile strength. Steel is one of the most common materials used for custom component development. When steel is crafted using the process of laser cutting, machined steel parts become strong and more durable components that can be used for long periods of time and are not easily damaged.

Aluminum: Even though aluminum is known to be light weight, high density aluminum is a great option for selecting the appropriate materials for machining. By combining high precision and frictionless cutting, laser cutting always gives your aluminum machined parts an excellent finish. In fact, advanced mechanical components for most machines are crafted from high malleability aluminum. For the best aluminum machined parts, contact us at Metal Tronics for custom metal fabrication Toronto projects that ensure successful results.

Copper: The red-pigmented metal is an excellent resource for your custom machined parts. Its red pigment always yields fabricated parts that match finished components. It also creates a smooth finish when cut under high-intensity laser beams.   

Stainless steel: Finely cut stainless steel components will always create an excellent and glossy silvery finish. Whether they are engine components or various specialty project parts, stainless steel will always give you strong machined parts. For the finest custom metal fabrication in Toronto, Metal Tronics will provide you with a variety of options for your designs and will ensure quality projects and services. Contact us today for more information about our phenomenal services.