Game-changing Innovations in the Laser Cutting Industry

Laser cutting in Toronto has seen a great number of advancements recently, setting the industry up for continued growth. Among other things, today’s laser cutting machines have faster and more precise controls, greater laser strength, and other innovative features.


These new improvements target increased productivity, enhanced consistency, and machine reliability.


Here are the innovations that are set to positively impact the laser cutting industry:

1. Laser cutting machines today need only a single cutting head to work with all types of materials at varying thicknesses. This saves cost and is more time efficient, allowing the machines to work more quickly.  These new machines are also easier to operate.

2. Today’s machines can automatically adapt to various focal positions to achieve the correct beam angle as well as kerf width for different materials and thicknesses. Before this, other tools were needed to assist in this process. Metal Tronics Inc. provides laser cutting in Toronto that utilizes this new technology, which makes for more productive results.

3. Another amazing innovation is the automatic nozzle changer which also greatly improves machine uptime. Typically, a manual nozzle change was done in between the cutting different of materials. But with the automatic nozzle changer, the time needed to switch nozzles is cut down to one-third of the original time. This translates to less setup time, a more continuous flow of operations, and the elimination of the need for an operator to perform the change.

These are just some of the great innovations made in the laser cutting industry.


Metal Tronic’s facilities for laser cutting in Toronto are fully equipped with all the latest innovations, ensuring that we provide the highest quality and most productive services.


The future will be an exciting time for the laser cutting industry with many more innovations to come. We at Metal Tronics Inc. will be keeping up to speed with these developments, to continue giving clients the best laser cutting services possible.