How Businesses in Toronto Improve Their Operations With Custom Metal Fabrication

No matter the sector, enterprises in Toronto are constantly on the lookout to improve their operations. 


Whether it be a restaurant requiring a customised kitchen sink or property management seeking to maximise the space and functionality of their staircase, there is always a solution they can turn to in order to meet such requirements - custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


Once an idea has come to fruition, how then do these businesses go about ensuring custom metal fabrication in Toronto actually commences? 


Settle in, because that’s precisely the roadmap for today’s piece; we’ll be laying out what areas of the design process are crucial behind all successful projects involving custom metal fabrication in Toronto. It all starts with…


1) The Concept

Whether it be for an industrial tool or artistic merit, the greatest predictor of success for a custom metal fabrication project starts with a fully realised design and concept. 


For starters, you’ll want to research ideas. The internet, project galleries, and correspondence with design engineers, such as those at Metal Tronics, are you best bets for inspiration to take hold. 


Once your choices have been funnelled down, it’s important you draw parallels with its function/purpose. The following questions can be helpful to ask yourself at this stage:


  • What is the design for?

  • Has it been designed with functionality in mind?

  • Will the quality of the end product be compromised should additional features be necessary to add on?


Once you feel confident in your evaluation, it’s high time you bring your concept out of the freedom of imagination and into the boundaries of reality through a sketched design. This is best served through...


2) Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Long gone are the conventional ways of pen and paper; CAD software is now the industry standard for efficient and precise 2D and/or 3D models of your design. 


From here, the fine details, such as lettering, can be ironed out to evolve into the blueprint that is necessary for a reputable metal fabricator to follow within tight tolerances.


Should CAD mockups be out of your remit, this stage can be handled by Metal Tronics who provide turnkey solutions for any project involving custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


3) Materials

Inevitably, the project will have to be fabricated out of some sort of material. Consider your options carefully at this stage and make sure your fabricator has experience handling the one you land on. 


For example, would it be fabricated from aluminium sheet or a steel plate? What costs did you plan for? Will certain materials impede on the target quality you’ve set out? Questions like these are invaluable to discuss with the technicians and designers you’ve tasked with your project as they can advise you on cost-effective solutions.


Luckily, Metal Tronics has more than 30 years of experience in custom metal fabrication in Toronto to rely on, allowing us the confidence to handle an array of materials.


4) Tools

Often, it is the tool that distinguishes a quality job from a poor job. It is important to know the pros and cons behind the tools being used for each task in your project,  e.g. are you aiming for a premium finish or is utility more important? 


Many of the tools used involve striking a delicate balance between practicality and beauty. Your best chance of success is to partner with a fabricator that invests in specialised equipment and machinery on a consistent basis, so that you get the most value for your money. 


Expectations Should Be Exceeded

It’s one thing to meet the expectations of a client, it is another to exceed them. Believe it or not, that the standard we set ourselves here at Metal Tronics, and it hasn’t steered us wrong over the past 30 years.


Our investment into staff and machinery has been at the cornerstone of our success for custom metal fabrication in Toronto. Whether it be bending, milling, etching, we’ve helped countless industries stay on top of their game; let us do the same for you