How Laser Cutting Contributes to Metal Fabrication

You may have noticed the prominence of laser cutting in the field of metal fabrication today. Metal fabricators have always worked to incorporate the latest technologies into the industry, but how exactly does laser cutting contribute to metal fabrication? As providers of laser cutting in Toronto, we at Metal Tronics have long seen the seamless ways laser cutting has integrated with metal fabrication.


Here are just some of the ways laser cutting plays a significant role in metal fabrication:


Fast and Efficient

The latest laser technology is able to cut through a wide variety of materials quickly. Our very own Mitsubishi laser cutting machine can make precise cuts on sheets as thin as 0.001” or as thick as 1”. On top of that, laser cutting machines can work overnight without the need for operators. As such, metal fabricators have been able to drastically increase production times by letting lasers deal with simple cuts.



All laser cutting machines are run via CNC. This means that the operator simply has to input the cutting instructions into the program, and the machine will do the rest of the work. This is one of the main reasons laser cutting in Toronto is now integrated into virtually every metal fabrication operation. The convenience and accuracy it provides is unbeatable. Our technicians and craftsmen are then able to focus on more custom-intensive work while they leave the laser cutting machines to run on their own.


Precision and Accuracy

If a client has a need for highly precise cuts with tight tolerances, we can always count on our laser cutting machines to get the job done. This most likely applies to special components or smaller parts that need the fine work of a laser. These parts will have smooth edges without burring as the laser melts through the material instead of cutting or serrating.


Of course, the applications of laser cutters are not just confined to the industrial realm. They have a plethora of artistic applications as well, being highly suitable for carving out signage, name plaques, decorative panels, and more. At Metal-Tronics, you simply need to sit down with one of our consultants to discuss your design goals, and we will take it from there. For the best laser cutting in Toronto, make sure to give us a call!