How Marking Enhances the Precision of Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

Laser marking is an innovative pre-prototyping technique involved in creating machined components. The process involves labelling a work piece using advanced laser beams. Tracing its history back to the 1950s, laser marking enhances the degree of precision when cutting. Most laser cutting services in Toronto use marking to ensure a high level of accuracy in their operations.

Where Can Laser Marking Be Applied?

Professionally crafted laser marks can be embedded in almost every material, including metals, plastics and wood irrespective of their colour at a comparatively high contrast. With laser cutting inducing only color change and no surface modification through blurs and corrugations, the markings remain uniform without adding any material on the surface.  

As a flexible on-the-go solution to the issue that is a lack of precision in high-tech laser cutting, laser marking avails unlimited possibilities. Critical to improving the precision of cutting, the process can perfectly undertake double markings with a considerably high degree of precision. Various experts offering laser cutting services in Toronto advocate for a combination of marking techniques such as annealing, staining, engraving or removing for the best results. 

Laser Cutting Services in Toronto Use Marking for Other Reasons Too

Laser cutting services are aimed at leaving a permanent impression on the surface of your components for traceability or identification. Common laser marking impressions you may want to create for your finished components include logos, text markings, serial numbers, labels, bar codes, and regulatory markings among others.

At Metal Tronics, we serve a number of advanced industries, among them:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Jeweler
  • Medical
  • Military

Today, Metal Tronics has set the benchmark when it comes to delivering exceptional laser cutting services in Toronto. We not only lead in delivering exceptional service but also using and producing the finest laser-cut components. Besides this, we label every component perfectly with laser impressions that do not rub-off like the conventionally painted labels do. The markings are also accurately and legibly crafted giving them high-resolution and fade-free visibility.