How Metal Deposition Technology Impacts Laser Cutting in Toronto

Metal deposition brings multitasking in metalworking to the next level. It enables both additive manufacturing (welding) and subtractive machining (milling, sawing, cutting) in the same work area. Additive technology produces components layer by layer while depositing and binding the material together through the heat generated by a laser beam. Parts can be fabricated with professional laser cutting in Toronto from metal such as titanium, stainless, nickel alloys, and chrome.


Laser cutting in Toronto can employ two metal deposition technologies: 


Powder-based cladding technology  

This technology involves a single-laser and double-layer systems, depending on the deposition rate. By changing cladding heads, the operator can move from additive to subtractive machining. The beam can be generated by a fiber-optic or diode laser. In fiber laser technology, the laser beam is run through a coaxial-type cable. The use of high-volume heads requires a coolant to prevent breaking the focal lens. Machines with two heads are better suited for higher and heavier deposition rates. The rate varies depending on how much material is set down.


Extra protection is required for both the single-laser and dual-laser machines to keep the powder contained. They are well-suited for small scale production of hard to cut materials used in the energy and aerospace industries.


Wire-based deposition

In this type of metal deposition, hybrid machines use metal wire rather than powder. This system deposits the material faster and can be compared to a MIG welder. During the process, there is a ram coming down next to the spindle to feed wire to the component. This is an ideal choice for those who need to use aluminum because any off-the-shelf wire can be used. This could be very dangerous when using powdered aluminum which very is combustible.  


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