Is Laser Cutting Eco-friendly?

As we all increase our environmental consciousness and try to find ways to do our part, even the metalworking industry has been looking at different technologies that present more sustainable alternatives. As pioneers of laser cutting services in Toronto, Metal Tronics has noticed firsthand the effects of this technology in helping metal fabricators get their jobs done in a greener way.

This factor is certainly not the only benefit of laser cutting, as laser cutting is known to be able to work with many materials of varying thicknesses and produce the fastest, most precise cuts. Naturally, laser cutting services in Toronto are highly popular with many clients.

Here are some of the reasons why laser cutting is thought to be a more sustainable alternative:

No Lubricants

Unlike metal stamping, laser cutting does not require lubricant to protect the sheet metal from surface abrasion. Lubricants can contribute to environmental pollution and also presents some health implications.

Low Wastage

During the laser cutting process, the beam laser melts or vaporizes the area where it is focused on, which means less waste is generated. And unlike metal stamping, it does not require a die which is an additional material needed to fabricate the desired metal product.

Low Production Cost

Due to the fact that many advanced laser cutting machines today have capabilities that render additional machines unnecessary, it is often possible to complete a project using just the laser cutting machine. This reduces energy usage and costs.

Long Life

Most lasers have a lifespan of about 15 year sor 30,000 hours. Overall, this means less replacements, which helps reduce wastage.

Metal Tronics offers laser cutting services in Toronto and owns a Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter which is a perfect complement to Toronto’s fast-paced industrial environment. With its advanced CNC to automate the process, you always get error-free laser cutting.