Laser Cutters 101: Types of Lasers

Laser cutting in Toronto is one of the most effective ways to bring a design to life. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as etching or engraving – laser cutting offers more features resulting in a more precise and complex product. Using laser cutting machinery you can create intricate designs such as multi-layered lettering, which a talented artist would struggle with if attempted by hand. That being said – what exactly is a laser cutter? Is it anything like those giant lasers cutting across huge metal structures in your fav Hollywood action film?

The answer is no – laser cutting in Toronto is less powerful than those you see in Hollywood action films, but still powerful enough to accomplish your design goals regardless of material.


The key factor to consider when figuring out how to achieve a specific design is to determine what type of laser cutting in Toronto should be used:


  • Liquid Lasers - Dye lasers are the most common type of liquid lasers. Liquid lasers use organic dyes to generate a beam of light in order to cut through a material. Dye lasers are dissolved in liquid solvents and can be used at a wider range of wavelength than other lasers due to its ease in ability to be tuned and availability in a variety of dyes.
  • Gas Lasers - Thicker and more durable materials will require the use of gas lasers. Gas lasers are able to cut through more durable materials because they produce a higher beam quality, higher power, and long coherence length. The most common gas mediums used is the helium-neon laser, carbon dioxide and monoxide laser, hydrogen laser, and nitrogen laser.
  • Solid-state Lasers - Solid-state lasers are known for removing tattoos as light energy is utilized at its pumping source. The laser mediums used are typically glass or crystalline materials such as sapphire, neodymium-doped glass.
  • Laser Diodes – (also known as semi-conductor lasers) utilize electrical pumping source to cut materials – it’s the junction of the semi-conductor diode that serves as the laser medium

Understanding the multiple types of laser cutting in Toronto will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing a laser type based on the material you’re looking to cut.