Laser Cutting 101: Applications of Laser Cutting for Metals

As longtime industry leaders in metalworking, fabrication, and welding, Metal Tronics has been developing our own laser cutting capabilities to continually improve our methods and quality of work, offering a host of varied services to our clients. You may be wondering, how exactly does laser cutting work with metal materials? Most of what you know about laser cutting in Toronto may be limited to the kind that you see commercially, such as artwork on wooden panels, jewelry crafting, and more.


With that said, laser cutting is actually an incredibly important process for the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Here are some of the ways this miraculous technology is used for metal materials:


1. Cutting components for machinery

If you have unique parts that you need to acquire for old, out of stock, or one-of-a-kind machinery, laser cutters can help create those parts that may no longer be sold. Because of its precision, we can make extremely fine and detailed pieces, guaranteeing quality and functionality.


2. Creating mechanical parts

Similarly, laser cutters are also used to create mechanical fittings and joints for hardware, from all kinds of industrial tools to items you may see in your own home. Again, the emphasis is on creating small parts in need of incredibly precise cutting. For this reason, laser cutting is often employed in sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, and medical industries due to their need for extreme precision.


3. Engraving

There are a variety of reasons why a business may seek out engraving services from providers of laser cutting in Toronto. Oftentimes, manufacturers require their products to be tagged with serial numbers and codes. Or, a building may require blueprints or layouts of their floors engraved into metal plates that are placed near the fire exits. The most common type of engraving service is for business signage, as metal signs are more durable and offer a more professional look.


Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that you will get the best laser cutting in Toronto from Metal Tronics. Give us a call today to learn more about us!