Laser Cutting in Toronto: How it Works

The type of process that slices materials using a laser is known as laser cutting. This technology is usually found in industrial manufacturing applications, but it is starting to be seen in schools, small businesses, and the workspaces of hobbyists. Laser cutting in Toronto is provided by Metal Tronics Inc., and an overview of how the procedure works will follow. It operates by positioning the output of a high-powered laser through optics in most cases. To change the placement of the material or the generated laser beam, laser optics as well as CNC (computerized numerical control) are used.


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In terms of commercial lasers, they are able to cut materials with input from a motion control system. While receiving the input, they follow a CNC or G-code of a certain pattern, and proceed with cutting it onto the piece being designed. The laser beam is focused and directed at a sheet of metal for example, and unwanted parts of the metal sheet are either melted, burned, vaporized away, or blown away due to a jet of gas. As a result, edges possessing a high-quality surface finish are left.


On the topic of surface finish, the positioning accuracy of a laser cutter can be ten micrometres and its repeatability can be five micrometres. Usually, the surface finish achieved by laser beam cutting ranges from 125 - 250 microinches. Lastly, the cutting rate at its maximum level is influenced by elements such as laser power, material thickness, process type, and properties associated with the piece being altered.

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