Laser Cutting in Toronto that Cuts Through Thick and Thin

Solid-state fiber and disk laser cutters were introduced to North American fabrication shops as one-off manufacturing systems over a decade ago. Now, they’re available in most fabrication shops that provide laser cutting in Toronto.


When you’re in need of laser cutting in Toronto, we at Metal Tronics are fully capable of taking on a number of projects – large or small!


New fiber laser technology has enabled fabricators to utilize 2D laser cutting in Toronto to cut different types of materials and to switch between varying thicknesses easily and quickly. It addresses the issue of a thin kerf caused by a small beam diameter by producing a larger spot size when cutting thicker work-pieces.


It can also create small holes and facilitate tight contours in thicker metal sheets. One laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel, thick mild steel, and even copper. Fiber lasers are ideal to use in applications where cutting reflective or nonferrous metals is required.


They can create parts at a much higher rate that a fabricator may not be used to before. Thus, automated processes must keep up with the laser’s production rate in order to not lose its speed advantage.


Adding an automation system to laser cutting in Toronto does not just increase productivity but also reduces labor and production costs. The automatic loading and unloading of parts while the laser cutter is doing its work greatly increases the efficiency of the process. Better laser processing helps cut smaller contours and creates much more complex parts while reducing the cutting time.


With the option for multistage piercing, quality is improved without producing spatter even when creating small holes. The use of the latest technology regarding laser cutting in Toronto makes us at Metal Tronics one of the most competitive metalworking companies in the city. We use CNC technology to fully automate the laser cutting process for a more precise performance that results in top-quality products.