Laser Cutting in Toronto: The Best Metal Fabrication Method

Laser cutting in Toronto has become the best choice for metal fabricators. Many businesses benefit from laser cutting applications. Laser cutting refers to the usage of a laser beam when cutting materials for metal fabrication. It is the ideal method for manufacturing intricate and complex designs.


Laser cutting is also great for materials in varying thickness, depending on the cutting requirements. Materials that are perfect for laser cutting are glass, titanium, gemstones, plastic, reflective metals, steel, and wood. A laser cutter makes the metal fabrication process easier than using traditional methods.


At Metal Tronics, our laser cutting in Toronto is the best choice for your metal fabrication needs!


The Benefits of Laser Cutting


  • It is highly reliable as you have complete control of the heat output and the level of the laser beam.
  • A single set-up can work on a variety of different applications and materials.
  • Maintenance costs are low, and replacement parts are affordable.
  • A light box covers the beam, making the procedure safer.
  • There is low risk of damage to the material from the laser since the process is non-contact.


The Processes of Laser Cutting


Despite being referred to as laser cutting, the process actually works with the material being fabricated actually being melted. Here are three different types of laser cutting:


  • Crystal Laser Cutting: This procedure uses certain types of crystals that have a wavelength of about 1.064 micrometers. Crystal laser cutting is effective in metal and non-metal materials.
  • CO2 Laser Cutting: It uses a 10.6-micrometer wavelength. This type of process is commonly used in non-metal materials.
  • Fiber Laser Cutting: It has 1.064 wavelengths and can be used with materials that are both metal and non-metal. In terms of intensity, fiber laser cutting is more powerful than CO2 laser cutting.


At Metal Tronics, we pride ourselves on delivering the best laser cutting in Toronto. Our laser cutting technology allows us to provide our clients with unique and custom metal fabrication. Call or email us today to learn more about the competitive services we offer!