Laser Cutting in Toronto – Variety is Key

Laser cutting in Toronto is prevalent in a variety of industries. Laser cutting services are typically utilized whenever a need for accurate cuts arises. When looking for precise cuts on virtually any material, laser cutting is the best option. It involves the use of CNC laser beams in cutting the material into shape while creating high-quality finishes on the edges. Fabrication shops typically offer laser cutting in Toronto, across southern Ontario, and other parts of Canada with healthy industrial sectors.

There are many different types of lasers offering top notch edge finishes. The three primary types of lasers commonly used in laser cutting Toronto services for superior fabrication projects are:

CO2 Lasers

A specialty laser beam can be generated from a mixture of gases including carbon dioxide as a key ingredient. Here, the mixture is electrically stimulated, leading to the creation of high electrically charged beams. CO2 lasers are very versatile and can be used to successfully cut wood, leather, paper, glass, plastics, and metal. When undertaken professionally, the process should lead to a fine edge finish that is devoid of unnecessary protrusions.

Fiber Lasers

This technology relies on the use of fiber glass to amplify laser beams from a seed laser. With each initial laser being amplified several times, the output tends to have high intensity but smaller wavelength. As a result, fiber lasers are commonly used in marking and labelling metal and plastic surfaces. Most laser cutting Toronto-based shops use fiber lasers in their operations as they offer very precise results.

Neodymium Lasers

Under this class of laser cutting, a laser beam is generated from neodymium doped crystals. The laser has comparatively lower wavelength than that of the CO2 lasers, hence having higher operational intensity. As a result, neodymium lasers are used to cut through thick, industrial materials.