Laser cutting services at Metal Tronics

Here at Metal Tronics Inc., we provide top-notch laser cutting services in Toronto. With our highly experienced staff and dependable machinery, we are considered to be one of the most competitive metal fabrication companies in Ontario.

Laser cutting allows for precise and accurate work and is a service used by many in the metalworking industry.


Due to the ability to cut precise and detailed shapes from metal sheets, laser cutting services in Toronto can help you complete your project to perfection.  


Here is how the process works:

Here at Metal Tronics Inc., we use the high-tech Mitsubishi C02 laser cutter. This machine works by pumping a current through a gas mix, which creates an intense beam of light once the gas heats up. The Mitsubishi laser cutter uses a complex system of optics to focus the mean of light onto a small area.

The entire cutting process is fully automated by CNC, where the project specifications and details are programmed into the machine. Because we use CNC to automate the cutting process, this eliminates the risk of human error and improves the precision of the cut.

Traditional machines use a sharp edged tool to cut and dig out material in order to make the cut. With Laser cutting one of the many provided benefits for projects is that it leaves no room for error since there is no cutting edge to a laser. This leaves a smooth, clean edge with a high-quality finish.


Metal Tronics is considered a one stop shop for metal fabrication projects and has been manufacturing metal products for various industries for over 30 years. We provide end to end solutions for our customers and can help you with design, strategy, prototyping, fabrication and testing. For precision and efficiency, or to learn more about our laser cutting services in Toronto, give us a call at 905-671-1677.