Laser Cutting Services in Toronto – Technology for lesser price

In metal fabrication, raw material undergoes the processes of cutting, bending and assembly according to engineering drawings. The cutting process can be done through a band saw but in certain circumstances wherein the client requires speed in fabrication, the fabricator has to opt for other cutting technologies like laser cutting services. A laser cutter no matter how precise is an expensive investment but through local laser cutting services in Toronto fabricators can utilize the technology without spending so much.

The basics of laser cutting technology

Innovations in technology have introduced different cutting processes through oxy-fuel, plasma, water jet and laser. As futuristic as it sounds, these cutting processes have become rather dominant in the fabrication industry because of their precision and accuracy. Plasma cutters have the capability to deliver high levels of accuracy similar to the laser cutter. In fabrication processes wherein heat application must be avoided, the option is water jet cutting that mimics the effects of water on metal in a normal environment. However, laser cutting ensures higher consistency from part to part. Greater accuracy means less wastage and quicker production. This eventually leads to less cost for the product manufacturer. Fabrication shops without the budget to invest in new cutting technologies can opt to outsource metal cutting to laser cutting services amongst Toronto.

Market opportunity for laser cutting services

With the emergence of laser cutting technology, many manufacturers as well as fabrication shops have evaluated their finances on whether they can afford to invest in the laser cutting machine. Laser cutting produces parts that are cleaner and burr-free with smooth surfaces to speed up production. Precision plays an important role in today’s products and it only makes sense to choose a technology with impressive qualities. In order to be globally competitive, manufacturers have to opt for cutting technology with greater speed than traditional cutting methods. However, even if the cost of laser cutting machines has dramatically decreased, they are still pretty expensive.  The cost has to be justified particularly if the machine will only be used for specific applications. Soon enough manufacturers and fabricators outsourced cutting elsewhere, such as to laser cutting services in Toronto. Services offered vary from cutting a single plate for a product prototype to several tons of metal sheets for the mass production of consumer products. What used to be simple straightforward methodology turned out as a means to cut intricate and complex designs.

Particularly with laser cutting services in Toronto, the job is done right for an affordable price and delivered at the agreed date. In most cases, the services are cheaper for prototypes and short runs because there is no need for a physical tooling. Laser cutting can produce various kinds of 2D shapes and cutouts that can be used for enclosures, decorative items, holders, cams and brackets. Different materials can be cut through laser cutting from aluminum, stainless steel, plain steel and spring steel. Metals like copper alloys can be quite difficult to cut because of their reflective properties but there are other available cutting technologies that can accomplish minimal burrs.