Learn More about Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

Laser cutting services in Toronto remains one of the largest industrial application of high density lasers, ranging from medical stents to thick section sheet metal cutting, for industrial applications. Traditionally, carbon dioxide laser sources dominated the cutting industry but recent advancements in solid state fibre delivered technologies have come up strongly. They provide end users with increasing speeds and reduce operation costs, which is the ultimate aim of every customer. With both online and offline automation of CAM/CAD systems with 3 axis and 6 axis flatbeds, controllability has increased, making laser cutting more flexible.

The performance of fibre delivered laser cutting machines has greatly enhanced the production of smooth cut edge quality when assessed in terms of nominal surface roughness. In some instances, the edge quality noticeable degrades with the sheet thickness. However, Metal Tronics aims at delivering machines that showcase uniform delivery at any given time. We ensure that our machines have the right configuration and highly efficient delivery of assist gas jets. We offer versatile nozzle designs so that you can choose the one that suites your need.

Metal Tronics has the necessary knowledge, equipment and expertise to perform R&D activities in laser cutting activities. We also provide support for customers in choosing the right specification, procurement of cutting systems, addressing material needs, gas jet designs and optical issues. Some of the specific benefits of Metal Tronics machines for laser cutting services in Toronto include:

  • High quality cuts – No extra finishing after the one-time cut
  • High speed cutting – this drastically reduces operation costs
  • Low heat distortion– Our laser cutters have drastically improve the output efficiency to ensure low heat distortion
  • Wide range of materials that can be accommodated
  • Fast set up, leading to quick turnaround
  • Flexibility - Our machines for laser cutting services in Toronto are flexible to cut other simple and complex parts with ease.