Metal Tronics is Here For You

According to the Government of Ontario, manufacturing and production businesses are considered essential services as they support and facilitate the movement of goods within the global supply chains. This includes any businesses that extract, manufacture, process, and distribute goods, products, equipment, and materials. This also includes businesses that manufacture inputs to other manufacturers, such as primary metal/ steel, blow molding, component manufacturers, chemicals, etc. that feed the end-product manufacturer.


Metal Tronics Inc. has been providing metal fabrication and laser cutting services in Toronto for over 30 years. Regardless of the project, Metal Tronics can help you meet your goals and create custom high-quality products for your business. Our services include metal fabrication, laser cutting, welding, bending, milling, etching, and more.


We supply a variety of products to different industries such as the retail, medical, electronic, and transportation industries. The medical industry especially relies on laser cutting services in Toronto for medical devices and parts as many of the products are made with laser cutters. We are doing our part to ensure that the medical industry is well equipped. These industries are essential and we are proud to be able to help and provide our services to keep these industries going.


The combination of our trained personnel and state of the art equipment allows us to weld, cut, mill, form, machine, and perfect fabricated products for our clients. Our employees have decades of combined experience and will always deliver quality results to meet your expectations. We are of course following government guidelines by wearing personal protective equipment as well as maintaining a safe distance at all times.


Here at Metal Tronics, we help from start to finish with design, strategy, prototyping, fabrication, and testing. We ensure that we provide our clients with end-to-end solutions and provide reliable and quality products. Need laser cutting services in Toronto for a new project? Contact Metal Tronics today to learn more about what we can do for you.