Metal Tronics – The Best Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

Laser cutting is an absolute game changer when it comes to the metal fabrication industry. Utilizing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery, laser cutting has proved to be the preferred choice for clients and fabrication shops due to the high production and quality that it offers. Many metal fabrication companies offer laser cutting services in Toronto, but none do it better than us at Metal Tronics.


For the best laser cutting services in Toronto, trust us at Metal Tronics!


For projects that require high precision and accuracy, laser cutting is the way to go. CNC systems utilize computer automation to deliver high precision to fabricated products.


At Metal Tronics, we use the Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter for our laser cutting services in Toronto. The cutter works by channeling a current through a gas mix which creates a high powered beam. This beam is then focused through optics on a work-piece.


Machining processes that utilize CNC systems provide more accuracy than traditional means of machining due to the lack of human error. These processes are automated, with the tools being directly controlled by a computer program. Since the majority of the labour is computer-controlled, human error is greatly reduced.


Our Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter is capable of working with a range of materials, from stainless and mild steel, to aluminum and galvanized materials. Because we use both CNC systems along with a highly efficient laser cutter, we’re able to produce top quality fabricated metal products with a great turnaround time.


When you work with us at Metal Tronics, we take great pride in the quality we’re able to produce. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing laser cutting services in Toronto. With the help of CNC technology, we’re able to service and complete metal fabrication projects of the highest quality.