Methods of Laser cutting used in Toronto

Laser cutting services in Toronto are applicable to industrial manufacturing operations, in the transport industry, the medical field, electronic equipment and retail display. There are a number of methods used in laser cutting, including vibration, melt and blow, thermal stress cutting and reactive cutting.

Reactive cutting involves the lighting of a laser beam to cut thick materials that can be over 1mm thick. Less power is consumed during the process. Melt and blow method is applied on metals, where the surface is heated till it melts. The molten material is then blown using high-pressure gas. In thermal stress cracking, a laser is focused on the surface of the workpiece. Due to high temperatures of the laser, the surface expands creating a crack. This method can be applied to glass materials.

Vaporization cutting is applied to non-melting materials for example wood, carbon and thermoset plastics. A laser beam under very high temperatures is focused on the surface of the material. The material starts to melt, creating a keyhole. As more heat is absorbed, the keyhole deepens. Vapour produced during heating leads to melting of the walls.

Using laser cutting services in Toronto, can result in a creation of art and sculpture, tagging and marking objects , making model components like elevation, panel displays, plastic and stone engraving, furniture prototyping, and creation of business and invitation cards, among others.

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