Modern Day Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a modern material cutting technology involving a sharp focus on laser beams to a surface. Coupled with the right high power and density light beams, laser rays can effectively penetrate almost every material, making incisions and cuts of different depths and magnitudes. Although there are other laser processing technologies, laser cutting is the most established in material handling. In Toronto, laser cutting services are in crafting high precision machined components from varying materials.

The sharp focus on laser cutting remains a key step forward in the machining and high precision tooling industry. By directing a laser beam to a surface, various processes are likely to occur yielding different outcomes. These might include cutting, melting and holing. Compared to other metal fabrication technologies, laser cutting in Toronto is a sought after procedure. This is not only because of the high precision associated with the process, but also the premier value attached to crafting unique components and developing duplicate components by mapping source images into duplicate components.

Most consumers of laser cutting processes are industrial, and those requiring high precision components include companies in the automotive, military and Medicare industries. As the driving force behind most laser cutting services in Toronto, these industries offer at least 80% of the business related to high precision machined parts.

There are thousands of laser cutting shops in Canada, with each offering a distinct set of services. Businesses looking for exceptional services need to consider hiring the right fabricators depending on their needs. One established brand in the industry is Metal Tronics; a one stop full-fabrication and laser cutting shop that brings you a collection of next generation technologies you’ll find nowhere else. To match your needs with the right skills, experience and laser processing technologies, visit us at