Our Mitsubishi Advantage


Competition within the metalworking industry is stiff.


A metal fabrication shop needs to stay up to date with their techniques and equipment to keep up. Performing laser cutting in Toronto is a must for providing customers with the best possible service and products, as this technology has revolutionized the industry. Not only do we specialize in performing laser cutting services at our shop, we have invested in the best equipment available for the job: the Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter.


Why We Trust the Mitsubishi Brand

Our Mitsubishi laser cutting machine allows us to perform extremely precise cuts and create complex shapes. Our laser cutter can work with metal sheets that are as thin as 0.001” or as thick as 0.750”, giving us the flexibility to manufacture products from a variety of metal materials. We believe laser cutting in Toronto is the standard for the metalworking industry because it makes use of heat to create cuts instead of a cutting edge, which is found on traditional machines. The focused laser beam produces the smoothest edge possible and gives our products a professional, clean look.


We have a CO2 laser cutter from the Mitsubishi eX plus series; machines in this series are designed to service the most demanding shops. Our machine is built on a heavy-duty, single platform and provides high-speed production capability, high piercing strength and an eco mode for minimizing energy usage. We are able to achieve a short turnaround time in our laser cutting in Toronto because our Mitsubishi machine cuts our processing time in half.


How the Mitsubishi CO2 Laser Cutter Works

A CO2 laser cutter functions by pumping a current through a gas mixture, which increases energy within the gas to the point where an intense beam of light is produced. This beam is controlled through an optics system to focus it while it cuts through metal. We use CNC technology in conjunction with our laser cutter to ensure cutting accuracy and to accommodate complex designs for our customized products.


At Metal-Tronics, we have built a reputation for manufacturing metal products with speed, reliability and precision. Much of our success within the metalworking industry can be attributed to our investment in advanced technology, such as our Mitsubishi laser cutter. We can perform our laser cutting services on a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Contact us today for laser cutting in Toronto!