Our New 6-axis Press Brake is Changing the Game!

The newest addition to our metal fabricating family, the Diamond BB4013 6-axis press brake, has been working wonders for us here at Metal Tronics. When we first welcomed this machine to our facility, we knew it had great things in store for the art of custom metal fabrication in Toronto, but nothing could truly prepare us for its efficiency, accuracy, and sheer excellence!


The CNC-enabled Diamond BB4013 6-axis press brake is a wizard at making sure our craft is consistent and precise.


We have the years of experience and skill, but having a machine that is easy and fun to operate, with ground-breaking new enhanced capabilities, really helps us to push the frontiers of custom metal fabrication in Toronto.

With a press force of 353 kn (ton), the Diamond also boasts extreme high precision repeatability of one micron. Not only that, the Diamond is a high productivity machine with high-speed ram, ensuring that it can tackle the most complex tasks in a shorter amount of time with its speedier and more accurate bending. The machine is able to sense variations in materials’ thicknesses and instantly adjust its ram stroke on the fly, adding only a fraction of a second to its bending process without any extra tools needed.

Previously, older machines were les versatile, and so creating a single product sometimes required multiple operations. With the Diamond, we only need one setup, eliminating time-consuming processes and making everything more streamlined.

Furthermore, being an all-electric machine, not only is it more environmental and less noisy, it is also cheaper to operate. All of this translates into savings, which we pass on to the customer.

The increased capabilities of the Diamond allow us to process larger orders from all types of industries, including automotive, electronic, and retail. If you are looking for a provider of custom metal fabrication in Toronto, Metal Tronics has got you covered!

Watch the Diamond in action in the video below, going through seven bends at two different angles in just 39 seconds!