Overview of A Laser Cutting Machine

For a while now, laser cutting in Toronto has been all the rage. Businesses and industries in every field are recognizing the potential of how quick and precise laser cutters are. Recent developments have also increased the capabilities of laser cutting machines to cut more varied thicknesses, making them almost just as versatile as plasma cutters, but with way more speed and precision.

Metal Tronics sets ourselves apart as one of the best at laser cutting in Toronto thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery. In order to understand more deeply the role of laser cutting machines in the metal fabrication and welding world, here is an overview about the basic components and mechanics you would find in most machines:

Most laser cutting machines will have a laser resonator assembly, mirrors, a laser cutting head, a focusing lens, a pressurized gas assembly, and a nozzle. These are the basic parts needed in order for a laser cutting machine to be able to generate beams, focus those beams, localize its heating and melting processes, move the beam, and perform material ejection.

Within laser cutting itself, there are several different kinds of material cutting processes, including fusion cutting, chemical degradation cutting, evaporation cutting, scribing, and oxidation cutting. These different processes are all more suited to different applications.


This variety gives laser cutting a versatility that is unmatched by other kinds of processes.


The Mitsubishi laser cutting machine used by Metal Tronics is a CO2 laser, which is typically considered the type of laser with the most widespread applications. Thanks to the superior technology of the Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter, we have become known to provide the fastest and most accurate laser cutting in Toronto.

Other benefits include higher quality edges, narrower kerf widths, less material contamination, and less material distortion. All this means better-quality products and cost-savings, which we transfer to the customer.

If you’d like to know more about our laser cutting capabilities and machines, get in touch with us today!