Processes involved in custom metal fabrication Toronto

When you need a product to be made from metal or plastic, you need fabrication; however, when you want that thing to be made according to your specifications, you need custom fabrication. Custom metal fabrication Toronto is concerned about developing unique products that fit exact customer specifications in order to achieve unique industrial applications. It is an important process in the modern corporate setting where every company has distinct requirements for branding purposes.Materials that are widely used for custom metal fabrication Toronto included plexi glass, extrusions, aluminium sheets, copper, brass, stainless steel and polycarbonate among others. The fabrication process begins with shaping the materials into the required shape and size. It, therefore, involves different applications and equipment for cutting, bending and assembling pieces to build the project. Metal usually comes in two main forms; structural and sheet metal. Sheet metal refers to materials that are more than 3/16 inch thick while structural metal comes in sheets and rolls that have already been formed into different shapes. Both forms are widely used in custom fabricationMetal cutting requires tools such as saws, shears, lasers, notches and plasmas to define the size of the material. Modern developments have come up with highly effective lesser machines that can cut materials into precise sizes and shapes using computer programs. Saws are useful in making straight line cuts. Most industrial applications need beam lines to accurately map and make straight line cuts through conveyors. The kind of saw used depends on the size and type of material being cut.Shears are widely used in custom metal fabrication Toronto especially when more articulate cuts are needed. If the fabricator wants to cut complex shapes such as circles and irregular shapes, he might require a laser machine that can effectively penetrate any type of material. Lasers can create perfect shapes without tampering with the entire material or destroying the surface of the edge. Punches are used to make openings on fabrication materials by using pressure. Bending is an integral part of custom metal fabrication Toronto that uses different tools to convert metals into the required shape. Light materials can be bend manually using hand-held tools, while heavy metals need industrial machines that generate a lot of pressure. The latest development in bending applications is the use of press braking to achieve highly customized shapes. Once the appropriate shapes have been achieved, assembling applications are involved to join different pieces together to come up with the product.