Providing The Very Best Laser Cutting in Toronto

We at Metal Tronics have been providing custom metal fabrication and laser cutting in Toronto for over thirty years. We pride ourselves on our versatility when it comes to our work and how we’re fully capable of delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients who require our services.


Whether you need custom metal fabrication or laser cutting in Toronto, we at Metal Tronics are definitely the people to go to.


We can provide excellent laser cutting services for all types of industries. Equipped with the latest equipment that the industry has to offer, including state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting machines, we can cut and fabricate any metal projects and produce even the most complex designs.


Our laser machines are unbelievably precise and utilize electricity and gas to cut even the hardest metals that conventional cutting just won’t cut through. This is why we take on the most unique and intricate designs our customers bring us since we can do these without the need for any reworking. Everything that we produce from our laser cutters has smooth edges and are already refined.


There are a number of benefits for choosing laser cutting in Toronto. Laser cutting is a highly automated process, due to the use of CNC machines to perform the job. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, allows machines to be programmed to carry out complex machining tasks to cut with high precision.


Laser cutting can also prove to be a more cost-effective option since it requires less manpower to work! This type of technology is incredibly powerful, and has only gotten more effective over the years. Since we are now equipped with the latest laser cutting technology the industry has to offer, we’re capable of taking on any project – large or small.


So the next time you’re in need of top quality metal fabrication or laser cutting in Toronto, look no further than us at Metal Tronics. With decades of experience, along with the best machining technologies available, we can handle any project you have for us.