Quality Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

We pride ourselves on employing a team of highly skilled personnel that maintain a higher standard of quality and dedication when it comes to their craft. Our team continuously strives to improve work efficiency through our fabrication techniques. Our custom metal fabrication in Toronto provides both production and design assistance for made-to-order metal products and components.

Our Ability Shines

We are highly experienced working with a range of materials such as stainless steel, regular steel, aluminum sheets, brass, copper, polycarbonate, extrusions, and many more. Fabricating custom products is an intricate process that requires the upmost of care and skill to ensure a high-quality result. We offer a number of services such as custom design, custom build, and post-fabrication to help our clients achieve their desired product.

Multiple Custom Possibilities

Our trained and certified staff are capable of assessing your design criteria in order to bring your project to life through our fabrication methods and techniques. The fabrication process must adhere to good design and planning to ensure that the product is effective in its function. The following are examples of products through the use of our custom metal fabrication in Toronto service:


  • Custom Plate Frame and Holders – Looking to spice up your office or business front? Metal Tronics is experienced in creating custom laser cut name plates and tags.
  • Mobile Platforms and trays – Our ability to work with a range of materials allows us to fabricate mobile platform and tray products
  • Metal Frame Tray/Enclosures – We are capable of fabricating metal framed trays and enclosures as a suitable way to organize your tools and equipment


It is important to use a certified specialist who is experienced in custom metal fabrication for your project. Metal Tronics offers many fabrication services to ensure your product is executed with a higher caliber of quality while not breaking the bank. Give us a call today for all your custom metal fabrication in Toronto needs – we’d love to help you bring your design to life!