Reliable Laser Cutting in Toronto

There is an undeniable growth in the fabrication industry in Canada. Laser cutting services in Toronto, one of the most popular and modern methods for metal fabrication, provides a reliable source of employment and a vital service for Onatrio’s industry.


At MetalTronics, we are very proud to be part of this growing industry, striving to provide the level of quality, accuracy and speed needed to meet the highest industrial standards in laser cutting services in Toronto.


As steel fabrication works continue to evolve and expand, the application list continues to grow as well. Laser cutting and metal fabrication is at the heart of industry in North America. With our ability to offer professional and modern laser cutting in Toronto, we are geared for excellent quality results, speed and no wasted material. Here are just a few of the many applications where laser cutting is beneficial.

  • Panel Covers and platforms- From automotive use such as engine control unit (ECU covers) to ignition coil platforms, our ability to provide precision results make laser cutting ideal.
  • Aesthetics panels- Elevator control panels to hotel ornamental designs, our laser cutting services in Toronto provide a unique design approach to modern and clean looking solutions. Micro drilled numbering patterns, name plates and other intricate designs are available.
  • Jigs and Stands-  from precision cut jigs that can be assembled and disassembled into a frame or enclosure to gadget stands and platforms, our steel fabrication capability together with laser cutting make it an easy solution in place of plastics and wooden finishes

Visit MetalTronics or contact our team of designers today. We are always ready to provide design consultation and fabrication solutions for any project. Our facility is fully equipped with modern CNC machines and a fabrication team that offers years of experience and expertise. Visit our website to view our galleries and sample work. Call us today to learn more.