Stand-out Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

As a metal fabrication company, we have developed an extensive array of modern equipment and a complete facility that makes us a “one stop shop” when it comes to everything in metal fabrication and laser cutting services in Toronto. We have provided valuable and accurate laser services in the GTA for decades.

With the ever growing demands for quality, scale and customization in the steel and metal industry in Canada, multiple kinds of applications, methods and tools are required. The advancements of technology and tooling have provided a more intricate level of work and customizability able to meet these demands.


Laser cutting services in Toronto have provided an excellent option to many businesses when it comes to precision cutting for intricate and essential parts or custom work that requires accurate cuts.


Our capabilities in Laser Cutting

With a facility that is fully equipped to do all kinds of steel and metal fabrication work, we are confident we can take on any job. Our facility houses a state of the art Mitsubishi machine that can precisely laser cut from a thin 0.001” (inches)  to as thick as 0.750” (inches) with very precise measurements and accuracy, with speed and no human error. These are some of the many fabrication works and methods we offer in Toronto:

  • Custom designed cutting: We are fully capable of laser cutting precision designs and patterns, from name plates to branding and signage on steel sheet metal to give your business or brand an excellent look that stands out.
  • Panel gauges: Cluster gauges or control panels that use a steel or alloy façade with instrumentation or switches can be precisely cut and made, which can give a product a durable life span and a more aesthetically appealing look compared to plastic surface panels.
  • Flanges and plates: Up to 0.750” flanges or plates can be precisely cut and provided for multiple types of applications in industry: from small exhaust flanges to other base plates that require precision cuts for purposes like jigs or bolts on plates.



Have a project that might benefit from precise laser cutting services in Toronto? Contact Metal-Tronics today to speak with an expert.