Superior Laser Cutting Services in Toronto Start with Safety and Quality

Laser cutting services in Toronto are widely employed in different industries, providing great benefits such as ease of use, speed and accuracy. A laser cutting machine is not only incredibly accurate, but also presents unique safety features, regardless of the size or type of material used during cutting.


These are the main safety guidelines we employ at Metal-Tronics to offer superior laser cutting services in Toronto.


Do not leave the laser unattended when firing:

Though laser cutters are quite fast, larger productions can take up to hours to finish. The tendency with some unprofessional operators is to leave the machine while it runs. This must never be done and poses a serious fire safety risk. The sustained heat of a laser beam hitting the case bottom can destroy the metal exterior case, burn electronic components and cause fires. This can happen when power settings are set too high without someone attending to the job while it runs. There should be another operator to take over the supervision should it be needed.


Materials with unknown properties should never be cut by laser:

Laser cutting machines can cut through different materials including wood, stone, glass, plastic, and metals. Cutting these materials with a laser releases fumes which are blown away into a fume extractor or an outside ventilation system. Some materials, such as plastic, can produce deadly fumes when inhaled - even in small amounts. That is why it is important that an operator know about any toxic safety warnings for each material they cut to exercise the necessary precautions.


Always maintain cleanliness in a workshop:

To minimize the risks of injury, cleanliness and safety must go together. While laser cutting services in Toronto have very high standards and do not release dust particles because the material being cut is fully disintegrated, leftover scrap in the catch bin can become a fire hazard. A clutter-free and clean workstation reduces the risks of accidents and other safety issues. Operators can clean their workshops after every operation to ensure continued safety.


At Metal-Tronics, we always ensure that best practices are followed for all of our laser cutting services in Toronto, making sure safety issues are avoided and our staff is healthy and safe. Our modern facility and our extensive experience allows us to deliver high quality laser cutting in Toronto and across the GTA.


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